Foundation Leadership & Guidance

William Clarke Morin Sr

November 3, 1913 - May 31, 2001

The six founding members of the Board of Director's wished to give honor to the principle of 'Men for Others' that was instilled in us while at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester, New York. Secondly, to honor the legacy of Wm Clarke Morin Sr by showing those that follow in our footsteps that life is not entirely about what is directly in front of us - it is about taking a look around and seeing how a simple idea can change the life of so many on the periphery of our vision.


Meet The Team

Will C. Morin, III

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Founding Executive Director

Greenville, SC

Bill Morin, Jr

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Founding Board Member, Emeritus

Greenville, SC


A Brief History

We were founded in the memory of Wm Clarke Morin, a world traveler, who embraced all ideas, the creative mind, and the belief that anything was possible.

Instilled as young men, the founding members of the board were taught to be "men for others." We believe carrying this message forward includes being able to mentor new ideas developed by high school students throughout the country.


The Morin Foundation recognizes that there are many vehicles today to launch new ideas and concepts. However many high school students do not have the funding nor the mentoring to accomplish their sometimes 'off the wall' ideas. We hope to bridge this gap.

"What will you do today, for tomorrow?"

We view the annual grant as a tool to motivate teenage youth to become a global citizen to utilize the arts, sciences, and technology to find solutions to the issues in their local & global communities.

The William Clarke Morin Sr Foundation was formed with the gracious generosity of amazing friends and William C. Morin Jr ("Bill").